:: PostNL Films Annual report
This year PostNL chose Mattmo Creative as their strategic and creative partner for their annual report. The collaboration covers brand strategy, concept, design, technical platform and production. This fully interactive online annual report 2014 is the first of 3 in our partnership. The report design contains a wide range of media: custom made films, photography, animations, infographs, and interactive graphs. Strong visual stories bring light to PostNL’s results and strategy from a fresh angle: PostNL makes your life easier. Rich media and a diversity of online functionalities are used to heighten the appeal, functionality and accessibility of the annual report. E.g. CEO Herna Verhagen’s Message has been set in 3 inspiring short films about PostNL’s strategy, culture and people. CFO Jan Bos illustrates the core results in a short and attractive video. The videos can be shared instantly through social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.