:: PostNL Annual Report 2014
This year PostNL chose Mattmo Creative as their strategic and creative partner for their annual report. The collaboration covers brand strategy, concept, design, technical platform and production. This fully interactive online annual report 2014 is the first of 3 in our partnership. The GRI4 report of listed company PostNL was produced using ART, our Advanced Reporting Tool, which Mattmo has developed in-house and perfected over the years. The report design contains a wide range of media: custom made photography, films, animations, infographs, and interactive graphs. Strong visual stories bring light to PostNL’s results and strategy from a fresh angle: PostNL makes your life easier.

A set of interactive charts enables easy comparison over multiple years.
:: Storytelling
Strong visual stories give context to PostNL’s strategy and results: they show the company’s role and impact on our daily lives. The stories are told using beautiful photography, crisp animations, clear infographs and catchy short copy. Links invite you to read more about the subject at hand in the deeper content of the report, with effortless navigation between sections and stories.

:: Rich media content
Rich media and a diversity of online functionalities are used to heighten the appeal, functionality and accessibility of the annual report. E.g. CEO Herna Verhagen’s Message has been set in 3 inspiring short films about PostNL’s strategy, culture and people. CFO Jan Bos illustrates the core results in a short and attractive video. The videos can be shared instantly through social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. An interactive glossary offers immediate information about terminology used. Effective infographs make the contents of the report accessible and inviting to read.

:: Personalisation
All stakeholders have been taken into account. The online report is fully responsive; it can be viewed on desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. A clear structure and navigation enables everyone to find their way through the information. The reader has a choice of well-designed downloadable interactive PDFs for on-screen viewing or printing purposes. A set of interactive charts enables easy comparison over multiple years.

Stories show the company’s role and impact on our daily lives.
:: ART – Advanced Reporting Tool
PostNL chose ART for parallel cross-media production of their annual and financial reports. Mattmo has developed ART in-house for the complete seamless production and publication of you reports to the web, for print and to mobile devices. Completely secure, ART offers instant previews of (parts of) your reports, in the required layout with the desired design. With a complete status overview at all times. The workflow can be completely adapted to your internal processes. No matter how you decide to implement it, using ART means introducing more efficiency into your organization, which results in cost reduction. You decide the pace. Interested to learn more? Call us for a free demonstration: +3120 4206773.